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SPOTT is your partner...

as a sound bar on trend as part of your product development

to get visual inspiration of tomorrows lifestyle trends

to know consumers emotional buying preferences

as a member of your board or advisory board

for trend counseling across your value chain

as an inspirational keynote speaker

to develop a new design concept

to update your colour scale

as a talk facilitator

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Trend inspiration

Business orientated trend & colour presentations for the lifestyle industries

Concept design

Developing concepts through approaches of trends, storytelling and consumer behaviour - from idea to consumer

Board & council

Advisory boards & trend councils


Managing Heimtextil Trend 22/23 from trends to show


Understand your customers buying preferences through raw emotional data


Turning trends into business for clients

Trend book


SPOTT is the editor of Taking Fashion Film Forward - an anthology of knowledge and practice vol 2.


Design of the Heimtextil Trend Space 24/25
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Thinking is a daily routine

Anja Bisgaard Gaede is an expert in the future of the lifestyle industry. She is deeply passionate about translating the future into understandable terms and providing practical insights to help lifestyle clients navigate the complex intersection of trend forecasting, emerging media technologies, consumer behavior, and sustainable textile and material innovation.  A corner stone in her approach to future forecasting is her academic understanding of neurophysiology and psychology in interpreting human behavior in combination with 15+ years of hands on experience in the lifestyle industry.

Anja Bisgaard Gaede is the founder of SPOTT, a business with a decade of experience. She works as a consultant, offering services in product development, delivering keynote speeches, managing creative projects, conducting customer analysis, providing creative direction, and designing spaces for clients across various lifestyle industries, including fashion, interior design, textiles, and media.

 She holds a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Communication, specializing in Fashion, Consumer Behavior, and Experience Economy from the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

Furthermore, Anja Bisgaard Gaede has been an Associate Professor at VIA Film and Transmedia, VIA University College Denmark, since 2017. She is responsible for executing the international semester program titled ‘The Fashion Experience: Fashion Film and Transmedia Storytelling.’ Anja is also the author of the Danish book ‘Skab god kemi med dine kunder – oplevelsesøkonomi i detailhandlen’ (Customer Chemistry – Experience Economy in Retail, 2008) and the editor of ‘Fashion Film and Transmedia – an Anthology of Knowledge and Practice vol. 1,’ as well as the publication ‘Taking Fashion Film Forward – an Anthology of Knowledge and Practice vol. 2’. Author to the article ‘Emerging Media Technologies; AI, XR and VR influencing Fashion and Film’.