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Experience Industry Challenge 2020 Retail 3.0+ is a collaborative event taking place in Copenhagen on April 23th 2021. The focus of the program is the future of retail with the integration of the Experience Economy.

We split the event into two main sessions – the Speakers Session and the Workshop Session. EIC2020 will gather retail professionals to learn how to level-up the customer experience and to work together to find solutions to the challenges of present the retail industry.

Throughout the day, leading experts in the Experience Economy will participate and share their knowledge and insights on the matter.

Anja Gaede from SPOTT will be part of the speaker session together with Joe Pine (B. Joseph Pine II), Albert Boswijk and Klaus Sommer Paulsen.  Anja will be giving a lecture on: The futures most valuable asset will be emotional data. How can retailers navigate the consumer landscape with the use of emotional data? How can you practically segment based on emotions, so that you can match products and consumers?

2020+ Retail challenges

These obstacles include, but are not limited to:

  • The lifecycle of a retail store is getting shorter by the year
  • Rising competition with online shops
  • Stores are falling short of customer expectations
  • Shopping becomes more of a chore than an experience for customers
  • Declining customer loyalty

Virtual & physical access available.  Click on the link on the right to get access and more information.

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