New thinking & new perspectives

SPOTT delivers targeted inspiration and input through lectures with a top professional performance. Our lecture is based on tailor-made knowledge based on the audience.
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Targeted business advice

Need strategic or creative sparring? SPOTT are specialists in advising on lifestyle companies and providing you with targeted advice on future consumption, trends and market. let tak an intial talk about how SPOTT can help you.
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Customer behvaviour analysis

Want to know what emotions are driving your customers? Buying behaviour in the lifestyle industry is driven by emotional factors. You customers need to like (if no love) what your products. Deep dive into your customers emotions gives you the insights you need to match products and customers for at more profitable outcome. Through customer analysis that is based in neuroscience SPOTT can find the emotional data you need to boost your business. The future is not big data it is a emotional data.
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From trend to business

The unique approach to trend of SPOTT gives you inspiration that you can turn trend into business. Commercial and concrete material is a matter of course. You can find your trend inspiration here

Trend, fashion & lifestyle

SPOTT embraces the future and trends in well-written and understandable texts. It can be anything from trend articles to more socially oriented topics. All texts are targeted to the audience.
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