Towards 2020 the world will be very different. Just 1-2 years back the future seemed to go in a business-as-usual direction with little change on the horizon. But in the second half of 2016 two major events has brought change on the agenda. Brexit & the Trump presidency. The consequences of either cannot be predicted, because knowledge of actual actions or solutionsis yet to be disclosed. One thing is certain though: Change will be the headline the coming years, and these changes will impact lifestyle in 2018. All ready now we are seeing visual changes in fashion. Changes which now in 2016 may seem experimenting, but in 2020 possibly will be a familiar look. But the visual changes are only one side the changing fashion system. See-now-buy-now approach, radical transparency, newness fatigue and sharing economy are effecting and slowly changing the fashion system. All this means is that it is necessary to work with both design and brand strategy to ensure business in the future. What is the right collection structure for your customers? How do you avoid getting caught in the vicious newness fatigue wheel? How do you incorporate the growing need for transparency in a system like fashion? Will fashion be consumed in a different and more sharing way in the future? Please read the SPOTT blog on our website for more information on some of the topics. Fashion rent services like rent the runway, my rent trend and Kalo Kopenhagen are all businesses with a new fashion business model, where consumers rent styles instead of buying them. This is a very consumer centric approach, which will become more important with the coming generation. The digital development has given consumers the power to consume things like they prefer, whether the old systems like it or not. Alex Bolen, CEO, Oscar de la Renta spoke to Business of Fashion shortly after the election of Donald Trump for president and said: “The American people expressed their strong desire for change. Fashion will need to react, in a likewise strong way, to that new mood. We look forward to the challenge.”We hope you do to.

The SPOTT womenswear trends of spring/summer 2018 take on the changes and challenges, and are divided into five directions:

Pretty Casual


Graphic Multicolor

Calming Blues

New Proportions

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