Modern Deco Trend of 2019/2020

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Modern Deco Trend of 2019/2020

A modern Art Deco trend is spotted in the interior for 19/20. Art Deco has inspired modern interior which combines saturated and harmonic colors with feminine designs and round shapes. A revival of this trend is a symbol of better times and a longing for a more decadent style. Materials such as gold, marble, mirror, and porcelain are present in the trend, which can be incorporated in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and of course – bedrooms. Marble is a material which was widely used for modern designs, but it fits neatly with feminine Art Deco aesthetics, which embraced luxury and glamour.

Patterns like zig-zag, labyrinth, as well as geometry are used for walls, tiles, carpets, textiles, and prints. Geometrics are bold, curves are strong and unapologetic, with a little sense of retro and extravagance. Modern Deco lines are clean and confident. Below you can find suggestions of colors which are set together with Modern Deco. It is particularly the color shades that give the Art Deco a new and contemporary look.

Who will buy Modern Deco?

A feminine oriented consumer who likes to update their style with new harmonic details giving the interior a new and trendy touch as seen by influencers. In the terminology of SPOTT, this means the yellow segment.

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North Audley – Cantine

Fendy – Happy room

Rossana Orlandi

StudioPepe – Alysi Fashion Store

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