Sleep as the next wellbeing economy

For the past years, we have had much focus on physical health with activities like running, yoga, bicycling and movement in the workspace.  Now also the mental side of health comes in focus. Particular here in Denmark mental health is under pressure and according to the statistics of Denmark incidents of mental challenges are [...]

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Modern Deco Trend of 2019/2020

A modern Art Deco trend is spotted in the interior for 19/20. Art Deco has inspired modern interior which combines saturated and harmonic colors with feminine designs and round shapes. A revival of this trend is a symbol of better times and a longing for a more decadent style. Materials such as gold, marble, [...]

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Why aren’t we further with sustainability?

It has been more than ten years ago since I first began hearing about sustainability on top of a very good financial period in 2007 - 2008. In that time we started thinking – we have enough products, maybe we should need to do something meaningful too? Due to that reason, sustainability became a [...]