Diversity in fashion

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Diversity in fashion

Diversity in fashion has been a trend for the past couple of seasons and it focuses on the variety of issues from inclusivity about different body types, to equality, LGTB, and ethnic heritages. The spring 2019  runways were called the most racially diverse ever (www.thefashionspot.com). New York was named being the most diverse of the four main fashion weeks. Nearly half – 44.8 percent of models were women of color what made the New York spring 2019 fashion week most racially diverse in history. London took second place and it followed by Milan and Paris fashion weeks. 

 Barbie celebrates real models

For its 60 years old anniversary Barbie dolls released a collection of diverse role models. The company on their main website introduced a couple of extraordinary women who are activists in real life and inspire young girls to continue believing that they can be anything they want. The Barbie Role Models was called the campaign which introduced a diversity of Barbie dolls which includes barbies of different skin color, body type, race, professions and even Barbie dolls in a wheelchair.

Fashion brands include diversity and flaws in their newest campaigns

Flaws became a big part of this diversity movement in the fashion industry. One of the examples of people with flaws is Sinead Burke, a short-stature activist who has been chosen on the cover of “Business of Fashion” magazine. The influencer has been advocating elements of missing fashion focus on people with disabilities. It is interesting to note, that Sinead was the first little person in history attending Met Gala in 2019.

Winnie Harlow, a Jamaican-Canadian model who has a rare Vitiligo skin condition which due to different levels of melanin in her body the skin does not produce even skin pigment. Because of this reason the model has white spots all over her body, including her face. Today she is a very popular model, which we have seen on various runways and campaigns starting from Spanish brand Desigual to Victoria Secret latest runways.

Danish designer Astrid Andersen has used a male with a similar skin condition as a model in her campaign, meanwhile, Diesel made a fashion film focusing on flaws and celebrating that as a part of life. These examples show that today fashion has definitely taken the diversity trend and using it to the maximum. It also has a political stance and a good direction in the future, because it focuses on including many more different people in the fashion industry.

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