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My passion has always been understanding the structures of consumer behavior. My studies and jobs has been and is a quest for answering the questions: Why do we buy and what do we want to buy in the future? This quest have given me a Master of Arts in communication and consumerism, the title as author of the the book Skab god kemi med dine kunder – oplevelsesøkonomi i detailhandlen (in English Customer Chemistry) and over 10 years of experience as trend consultant. In my backpack I have have numerous presentations, lectures and workshops to convey insights about consumer behavior, color and trends. I am an expert in understanding consumer behavior, trend forecasting in the lifestyle industry, experience economy in retail and presenting performance.

Modern Deco Trend of 2019/2020

A modern Art Deco trend is spotted in the interior for 19/20. Art Deco has inspired modern interior which combines saturated and harmonic colors with feminine designs and round shapes. A revival of this trend is a symbol of better times and a longing for a more decadent style. Materials such as gold, marble, [...]

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Why aren’t we further with sustainability?

It has been more than ten years ago since I first began hearing about sustainability on top of a very good financial period in 2007 - 2008. In that time we started thinking – we have enough products, maybe we should need to do something meaningful too? Due to that reason, sustainability became a [...]

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Digital clothing collection with zero waste, stylish and affordable. How?

In 21st century technology and new trends are undeniably changing the face of how people live, work, communicate, and even clothes they wear. Social media is playing an important role of self-identification in the virtual world. The urge for newness particularly driven by social media is something that consumers will want to get fulfilled. [...]

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SS18 trend

Towards 2020 the world will be very different. Just 1-2 years back the future seemed to go in a business-as-usual direction with little change on the horizon. But in the second half of 2016 two major events has brought change on the agenda. Brexit & the Trump presidency. The consequences of either cannot be predicted, because knowledge of actual actions or [...]

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More business with a more accurate collection structure?

  For a client I have worked on a reevaluation of the collection structure. Collection structure is a hot topic these days – especially with the increasing see-now-buy-now approach by several American brands. Digitalization, social media, financial crisis, and tempo has created additional strategies. From one structure to now roughly four different approaches. Walk pace structure [...]

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Newness fatigue

A major challenge for the lifestyle industry these years are Newness fatigue. To illustrate the term, I invite you to watch a bite form the fictional movie Lucy. The clip illustrates the concept of time and what happens when things keep moving faster and faster... take a look.     The thought, fictional [...]

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Can craft cure the fashion system?

Another row of fashion weeks has ended the season of aw 16/17 with the final stroll of models in Paris. SPOTT visited Paris during the fashion week, and it ends with a lot more on the agenda than the catwalk and street styles. Press (WWD and BoF), organizers and designers have had the fashion system it [...]

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Trend confirmation: Rebellious Movement

Trends most often look forward, but somestimes it is also relevant to look back and confirme forecasted trends. In June 2015 we forecasted the trend Rebellious Movement as part of our autumn/winter 16/17 presentation. Now this trend is widely presented at the fall catwalks showing these days.  Rebellious Movement is a trend that takes [...]

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How the fashion system can be revived and breathe sustainably

– the fashion system of the future Today’s fashion system has been called “complete obsolete” and “…has no reason for existing” by famous trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort. She is one of the most respected trend forecasters and her words weights greatly. I agree with many of Lidewij Edelkoort standpoints however I would like to [...]

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Anti-trend er en trend

Efter krisen har der været enormt fokus på at brands skal holde sig til sit DNA, og ikke hoppe på enhver ny trend. En ”anti-trend” bølge, som paradoksalt er en trend. For nogle brands kan det være helt rigtigt at holde på sit DNA for andre helt fatalt. Det kommer helt an på hvilket kundesegment [...]

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